2607 Woodruff Road, Ste D


Welcome to Exotic Tan LLC tanning salon

Welcome to Exotic Tan LLC tanning salon

Welcome to Exotic Tan LLC tanning salonWelcome to Exotic Tan LLC tanning salon

About Us

Classic Tans

What I like to tell everyone is that our beds are State of the Art Tanning Beds!!  You will get a great tan whatever level you use.  It basically just comes down to how fast you want to achieve your color and how many days a week you plan to tan.  

Spray Tans

Using the finest In Airbrush Equipment & Solutions, Our highly trained technicians will provide you with a beautiful tan specific to your individual needs.

Remember – An “Airbrush Tan” is only as good as the technician who’s providing it and we have the best!

Coronavirus Update

We are doing everything we can to stay fully sanitized.  We always strive to keep our salon clean and sanitized, but now with everything going on with the Coronavirus, we are going over and beyond on sanitization.  Everything is being wiped down and sanitized between every customer - not just the beds, but also door handles, bathrooms, countertops, etc.  We are keeping our distance with customers and doing everything we should be doing to stay safe and keep you, our customers, safe!  

We would ask that if you are sick or running a fever, please do not come in to the salon.  Call us and inform us so we can put your package on hold.  Let's not take a risk on infecting others.

We will keep you updated, but we do plan to stay open for now.  You can find updates here, on Facebook and on Instagram.  


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Cancellation Policy

We ask that you give us 24 hours notice if you need to cancel your appointment for a spray tan.

Exotic Tan LLC

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